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SAGA Chrome LED Ceiling Light

Emitting an impressive amount of light while visually enhancing it, the combination of the six efficient high-power LED light engines can produce as much light as two 75-watt incandescent light bulbs while only consuming up to 40 watts. Producing up to 2200 lumens, it is infinitely dimmable using a suitable wall dimmer.

SAGA Chrome LED Floor Lamp

This skillfully executed chrome floor lamp is as much a sculpture as it is a segmented luminary. The seven vertical LED powered lighting elements together produce up to 2000 lumens and can be dimmed by the 3-stage touch dimmer. Ideal to brighten the darkest corner of a room.

SAGA Chrome LED Table Lamp

This segmented sculpture is perfect for a shelf, desk, or table with up to 1300 lumens of light emanating from the faces of the three chrome LED lighting elements controlled by 3-stage touch dimming.